Saturday, November 12, 2011

Configuring Autoscan in Backtrack 5

What is Autoscan?
In short Autoscan is a network discovering and managing application. It's main purpose being to quickly identify connected machines/equipment in a network environment.
  • Let's quickly configure autoscan in Backtrack5, you can find it using the menu in:
BackTrack -> Information Gathering -> Network Analysis -> Network Scanners -> autoscan


  • As soon as we launch it from the menu we will begin our configuration wizard, click on Forward to move on:


  • Now we are going to configure a new Network and add our own data by clicking the Add button:


  • Select your network interface (wlan0 in this case):


  • After that we are asked to confirm our settings:


  • Here is some output similar to what you will see on some devices:

Autoscan05.png                                                                                Ref:

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