Friday, November 11, 2011

Installing FluxBox on BackTrack5

Getting FluxBox on BackTrack5 is pretty, even the BackTrack menu will be automatically generated, so let's get on with it!
  • First we need to install the flux-for-back package which will grab everything we need in order to get FluxBox running.
root@bt:~# apt-get install flux-for-back
  • After the script is installed we will see that it automatically starts to setup FluxBox.

Flux for back01.png 

  • Once the script is finished you will be presented with a message which tells you to start your FluxBox.

Flux for back02.png

  • However before we restart there is one thing that we have to do, we will have to make tell BackTrack to run FluxBox on the startx command and not it's default WM.
root@bt:~# echo exec /usr/bin/startfluxbox > ~/.xinitrc
root@bt:~# shutdown -r 0
  • Reboot your BackTrack and enjoy FluxBox!

Flux for back03.png

NOTE: In order to revert back to the default WM all you have to do is delete the .xinitrc file.
root@bt:~# rm -rf ~/.xinitrc
root@bt:~# shutdown -r 0

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